Rodante, Hannah and Madyasa, thank you for all the inspiring conversations, they kept me going and helped pave the path to where I am today. Thank you, Donner, for the gift of cycling and roller-skating. Both helped me relax and think, when the panic in my body would take over and my mind would freeze. Thank you, Corona, for bringing me the river IJ, a place that, day in day out, offered me the peace and power that I needed to get through the day. Thank you to the roller community, for dancing away the stress with me. Eva, Rose and Jerry, you do not know the importance of the loving and safe space you offered me, where I could relax and recharge. Luciano, you introduced me to Amapiano in a period where I needed inspiration the most. If you pay careful attention, you will hear the Piano sounds between the lines of the introduction and discussion chapter. Libby and Robby, thank you for offering me the space of the Elderflour bakery, where you made me feel like home and I could unwind. Many thanks to all my colleagues at Midwifery Science for giving me a space where I could laugh, be angry, yell and cry. Anna, you inspire me as one of the most talented researchers I have ever met. You challenge me to look beyond my own biases. Thank you for being my friend. To all my colleagues at AVAG, thank you for your patience, flexibility, and support. I know I have asked too much of you. Franka, Petra, Alana, and Joyce, thank you for your wisdom. Thank you to everybody involved with ISGA, a place where I found hope for future academia. Thank you, Studio de Balie, for helping me develop skills to share my research beyond academia, with the people that it is about. Thank you Vroede Geluid, DIAD AVAG, DIAD KNOV, and CMS, for offering a space and platform for my critical thinking and creativity. Julia, thank you for seeing a supervisor in me. It is an honor to be involved in your PhD. 200 & APPENDICES