SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL Supplementary material 1: synonyms used in search. Psychiatry Physician Assisted Death Irremediability Mental Health Euthanasia Irremediable Psychiatrist* Assisted suicide* Hopeless* Psychiatric Medical assistance in death Incorrigible Assisted death Incurable Medical assistance in dying Incurab* Assisted dying Irrecoverable MAID Irredeemable Irreformable Irretrievable Unrecoverable Unredeemable Intractable Refractory Treatment futility Therapy resistant Reasonable alternative Supplementary material 2: Pubmed search syntax* (“Psychiatry”[Mesh] OR (psychiatry[Title/Abstract] OR mental health[Title/Abstract] OR psychiatrist*[Title/Abstract] OR psychiatric[Title/Abstract]) AND (assisted suicide*[Title/ Abstract] OR assisted death*[Title/Abstract] OR assisted dying[Title/Abstract] OR “Euthanasia”[Mesh] OR “Suicide, Assisted”[Mesh] OR euthanasia[Title/Abstract] OR “MAID”[Title/Abstract]) AND (Irremediable[Title/Abstract] OR Hopeless*[Title/Abstract] OR incorrigible[Title/Abstract] OR incurable[Title/Abstract] OR incurab*[Title/Abstract] OR irrecoverable[Title/Abstract] OR irredeemable[Title/Abstract] OR irreformable[Title/ Abstract] OR irretrievable[Title/Abstract] OR unrecoverable[Title/Abstract] OR unredeemable[Title/Abstract] OR intractable[Title/Abstract] OR refractory[Title/ Abstract] OR “treatment futility”[Title/Abstract] OR “therapy resistant”[Title/Abstract] OR “reasonable alternative”[Title/Abstract]) *Embase and psycinfo syntaxes are comprised of the same synonyms and are available on request. IRREMEDIABLE PSYCHIATRIC SUFFERING IN THE CONTEXT OF PHYSICIAN ASSISTED DEATH | 75 4