Chapter 8 114 Table 8.5 Incremental cost-effectiveness and cost-utility ratios - 26 weeks for base case and sensitivity analysis scenarios. Societal perspective (€/LEFS-point) Healthcare perspective (€/LEFS) ICER total ICER patients with paid job ICER patients without paid job Dominant 317.6a Dominant Dominant Dominant Dominant Societal perspective (€/QALY) Healthcare perspective (€/QALY) ICUR total ICUR patients with paid job ICUR patients without paid job 15,423.9a Inferior 1,923,668.0a 162,988.6 114,218.3 3,233,737.4 a Bootstrap Value A B Figure 8.3 A: Cost-effectiveness plane for LEFS at week 26 follow-up. North-east: 34.0%; north west: 9.0%; south west: 8.0% and south east: 49.0% (costs per 1 LEFS gained), B. Cost-effectiveness plane for QALY at week 26 follow-up (cost per QALY gained). North east: 8.0%; north west: 35.0%; south west: 46.0%; south east: 11.0%.