Is the AO guideline for postoperative treatment of tibial plateau fractures still decisive? 27 recommended that the start of weight bearing should depend on the type of fracture and the osteosynthesis material. These findings imply that 72.1% of the respondents recommended starting weight bearing earlier than the 12-week period recommended by the AO guideline. Figure 3.1 When do you start weight bearing after tibial plateau fractures and with what weight bearing percentage? Figure 3.2 shows that 88.7% of the respondents occasionally deviated from their local standard protocol, in most cases based on clinical experience (38.7%) and gut feeling (35.1%), while 19.8% of the respondents deviated on the basis of so-called evidence-based medicine, even though the latter is scarce in the literature. Figure 3.2 Reasons for deviating from own standard local protocol.