129 Perceptions on the function of puberty suppression of transgender adolescents who continued or discontinued treatment, their parents, and clinicians 7 All interviews and focus groups were audio-taped and transcribed verbatim. Before each interview and each focus group informed consent for participation and tape recording was obtained. The interview duration varied between the groups (adolescents who had stopped PS 41-73minutes, their parents 15-48minutes, adolescents who continued PS and had started with GAH 12-22minutes, and their parents 13-38minutes, focus groups 79-88minutes). Analysis Data analysis was based on hermeneutic analysis (Miles & Huberman, 1994; Stake, 2005). After an initial open reading of the data, two of the authors presented some preliminary (sub)themes. Besides, one of these authors analysed the transcripts by selecting representative quotations for each of the defined themes, taking care to draw quotations from all data sources. Then, the same two authors conducted an additional round of analyses to assess whether the (sub)themes enabled them to accurately subdivide the outcome of the data. Besides, these two authors also re-analysed the transcripts by selecting representative quotations. Then, through a deliberative process, the authors redefined the initial (sub)themes until they reached a consensus. RESULTS From the interviews and the focus groups, four themes regarding the function of treatment with PS emerged. Representative quotations are presented to illustrate the themes identified. Theme 1: Reduction of suffering through inhibition of the development of secondary sex characteristics All interviewed adolescents and all parents stated that inhibition of the development of secondary sex characteristics was one of the main reasons, and for several the most important reason, to start PS. Most stated that the fact that their bodies would not (continue to) develop in a way they did not want, was a great relief. “It also gave me some peace of mind because I knew: okay, my body is not going to continue to develop, I will not become more masculine.” - Interview with a transgirl who continued PS; age at start PS: 12.9; age at interview: 17.8 “Knowing that the treatment with puberty suppression would spare him breastremoval surgery was of course really good.” - Interview with a parent of a transboy who continued PS; age at start PS: 12.9; age at interview: 15.5