165 Dealing with moral challenges in treatment for transgender children and adolescents: evaluating the role of moral case deliberation 9 Research ethics Prior to the individual interviews, focus groups, and MCD sessions, we gave all participants oral instructions to inform them of the voluntary nature of their participation; they were told that they could withdraw from the interview, focus group or MCD session at any time with no explanation required. Furthermore, we emphasized that the data we were about to collect would remain anonymous. Upon each interview, focus group, and MCD session, we obtained the participants’ oral informed consent for their participation and tape recording. No clinician refused to take part in an interview or MCD sessions. Due to the small size of the teams, we cannot provide more details about the participants in this paper without potentially compromising our commitment to confidentiality. RESULTS Below, we describe the data obtained from MCD sessions, individual interviews, focus groups, and Euro-MCD questionnaires. We largely answered the first three research questions based on the qualitative data, and the last research question based on the quantitative data. How valuable do transgender care clinicians evaluate moral case deliberation as clinical ethics support, or in other words, what is their opinion of moral case deliberation? First, we will present the positive experiences team members reported having with MCD. This will be followed by an outline of their critical remarks about MCD. Positive experiences with moral case deliberation Becoming aware of others’ perspectives and interests Nearly all interviewed participants reported that they had gained more insight into the perspectives and interests of the other stakeholders in the case discussed. Some found it valuable to hear how professionals from other disciplines viewed the case. “You always look at a situation from a certain perspective. Since people from different disciplines take part in moral case deliberation sessions, you learn to view a situation from another perspective.” - Individual interview with a clinician “Sometimes patients and clinicians look at a certain situation in a similar way, but there are also times when they view things differently. Moral case deliberation brings that to the surface.” - Individual interview with a clinician