40 Chapter 2 data in support of the guidelines, there will be no true consensus on treatment. To advance the ethical debate, we need to continue to discuss the diverse themes based on research data as an addition to merely opinions. Otherwise ideas, assumptions, and theories on GD treatment will diverge even more, which will lead to (even more) inconsistencies between the approaches recommended by clinicians across different countries. Several professionals mentioned that participation in the study made them think more explicitly about the various themes, and it encouraged them to discuss the issues in their teams. In the Dutch teams, we therefore introduced moral deliberation sessions to talk about these ethical topics. The first reactions of the professionals were positive; the sessions made them rethink essential aspects of the protocol. Furthermore, they had more understanding for the viewpoint of other disciplines. Moral deliberation sessions could be a valuable step in gaining more insight in the contexts of GD treatment disagreements, especially as long as treatment data are still lacking. There are strengths and weaknesses to the present study. The qualitative nature of the study made it possible to find out, in depth, the ways in which people think or feel about specific topics. Another strength of this study is the representativeness of the participants, by interviewing 36 professionals from ten different countries. This gives a wide variety of considerations of professionals in European and North American countries. Nevertheless, the considerations explicated in this study are therefore solely Europe and North America based. The considerations of professionals are likely to be different in other parts of the world. We encourage gathering more qualitative research data from treatment teams of additional countries, aggregating a broader range of views on the treatment for gender dysphoric minors. More empirical data from treatment teams all over the world could lead to new information and/or confirmation of the results found in this study.